Our Philosophy

YourReadingPath.com is based on the simple belief that reading is important for children and young adults. Reading is essential to academic achievement and independent life-long learning.

Building a library at home is a significant contributor to student performance and success, and supports reading as a source of fulfillment and pleasure. Taking ownership of any book can also mean taking ownership of the knowledge and insights inside. YourReadingPath.com helps pave the way to a path of reading pleasure that begins in childhood and never ends.

For years, teachers, parents, and kids have relied on the NWEA MAP test results to measure individual student’s reading status and growth, regardless of grade level. To support the development of the habit of independent reading, YourReadingPath.com provides an easy way to use MAP Reading RIT scores to find great books at appropriate Reading Levels for every young reader. YourReadingPath.com offers books on a wide range of topics, of interest to readers from Kindergarten through High School. All books on YourReadingPath.com are searchable not only by MAP RIT score and topic, but also by age to ensure the most appropriate match of readability and age appropriateness.

We are proud to offer thousands of specially-priced books across a wide range of informational topics, fictional genres, and Reading Levels, from some of the finest publishers of books for children and young adults, such as Rosen Publishing, Enslow Publishing, Cavendish Square Publishing, Britannica Educational Publishing, Greenhaven Publishing, KidHaven Publishing, Lucent Press, Gareth Stevens Publishing, and PowerKids Press.

Enjoy your reading adventure!

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