We Love Teachers!

Introducing YourReadingPath.com! Our philosophy is simple: Reading is essential to academic achievement and independent lifelong learning. Taking ownership of a book can also mean taking ownership of the knowledge and insights inside. YourReadingPath.com helps pave the way to a path of reading pleasure that begins in childhood and never ends.

As a school that uses MAP, we know how much you rely on MAP test results to measure reading progress. That's why we've linked MAP Reading test results with over 7,000 specially priced books across a wide range of informational topics and action genres.

At YourReadingPath.com, all books are searchable by:

  • MAP Reading RIT score
  • Topic
  • Age of student

This tailored approach ensures the BEST match for readability, interest, and age appropriateness for each student.

Enjoy your reading adventure!


Resources for teachers

Here you will find a number of resources you can use to share information about Your Reading Path with parents and others at your school. You can download images to use for your class email or take home information, print parent flyers and more. To use and of the resources below, simply click the link then save the file or print.

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